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Ahalia Peripheral Centers

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Other than the Ahalia Hospital in UAE, we have 21 satellite Medical Centres in the peripheral areas of Al Ain, MadinaZayed, Gayathi, Baniyas, Mirfa and Mussafah. This expansion was done with the aim to provide comprehensive and budgeted medical care to the rural population in remote areas through the network of clinics in these areas.

Medical Centres Phone No. E-Mail Address
Ahalia Eye Care (Unique) 02-5599666
02-5599667 (Fax) M10, Near Red Crescent,
Abu Dhabi, Mussafah
Ahalia Eye Care (Unique) Br.01 02-6216900 Behind Liwa Centre,
Abu Dhabi
Ajman AMC 06-7404941
06-7404947 (Fax)
Al Wakf Building
Behind NBAD & Post Office,Ajma
Al Ain AMC 03-7559990
03-7555997 (Fax)
Near Planning Round About,
Opp. HSBC, Al Ain
Baniyas AMC 02-5836634
Eastern Al Ahili Medical Center, Mafraq 02 5856005 #0 / #9 Workers City 2, Al Mafraq,
Abu Dhabi
Eastern Al Ahili Medical Center Br.01 02-4442235
02-4442236 (Fax) Next to NBAD, Mussafah -2,
Abu Dhabi
Gayathi Al Ahli Medical Centre 02-8741267
Madina Zayed AMC 02-8848855 MadinaZayedAMC@
Madina Zayed / Beda Zayed
Medical Centres
Mirfa AMC 02-8833638
Noor Al Ahalia Medical Centre, Dubai 04-2547556 G-02, Mamazar Centre,
Nr. Al Mulla Plaza Jn,
Al Ittihad Rd., Dubai
Noor Al Ahli Medical Centre 03-7665852
03-7665316 (Fax) Sanaiya, Al Ain
Noor Al Ahli Medical Centre Br.01, ICAD 02-5575890 ICAD Mall, Mussafa
Noor Al Ahli Medical Centre Br.02, Shafeer Mall 02-5530368
Fax: 02 4461332 Next to Shafeer Mall, ME-9,
Mussafa, Abu Dhabi
Noor Al Ahli Medical Centre Br.04, Baniyas 02-5858529
02-5853286 (Fax) Near Baniyas Court,
Baniyas West, Abu Dhabi
Noor Al Ahli Medical Centre Br.06, Hamdan St. 02-4448685
02-6311614 (Fax) Next to Ahalia Hospital,
Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi
Oasis Medical Centre, ICAD-Mussafah 02-5506691 ICAD, Mussafa
Oasis Medical Centre Br.01 02-6763282
02-4495003 (Fax) Al Falah Street (Passport Road),
Abu Dhabi
Ras Al Khaimah AMC, RAK 07-2331533
07-2331522 (Fax) Ras Al Khaimah
Shamal Al Ahalia Medical Centre, Sharjah 06-5744529
06-5744629 (Fax)
Clock Tower, Opp.Kalyan Silks, Sharjah
Star Ahalia Medical Centre 02 8744677
02 8741007 (Fax) C76, Near Gayathi Market, Gayathi
Western Towers Al Ahlia Medical Center 02-8840522
02-8845148 (Fax)
Al Maya Supermarket, Sanaya, Beda Zayed, Abu Dhabi