Emergency department is one of the most crucial areas in the hospital. Upon arrival to the Emergency, our patients are triaged to determine the nature and severity of their illness or injury. Individuals are prioritized for treatment, after triaging, treatment module can be decided. Our emergency department staffs, Medical and Paramedical, are ACLS and PALS certified. They have rich experience in their field and are capable of handling the emergencies, in a professional and confident manner. We have ONCALL back up of specialists, such as Cardiologist, General and Orthopedic surgeon, Neurologist, Urologist, Neonatologist, Nephrologist, and Gynecologist.

  • Emergency Triaging
  • ER critical care unit
  • ER observation unit
  • ER OT and plaster room
  • ER isolation Rooms
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation/ Defibrillation /temporary pacing
  • 24hrs x 365, round the clock, Medical, Paramedical care available – Contact Us at : 02-6262666 Ext: 302/303

Our Faculty

  • Dr.Jeetendar Ochani
  • Dr.Nithya
  • Dr.Bhaskaran
  • Dr.Amala Fernandez
  • Dr.Imran Ahmed
  • Dr.Syed Akhter
  • Dr.Nazar
  • Dr.Mai Babiker
  • Dr.Aswathy
  • Dr.Madhavi
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