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In order to make your stay all the more comfortable, kindly go through the following information and ensure their optimum use.

Doctor’s round :
Morning : Between 09 am & 10 am
Evening : Between 05 pm & 06 pm
Timings can change according to doctors schedule Also, whenever you are in need, they will be available at your service.
Facilities Available
General Room :
A bed side locker
A common telephone for two adjoining beds
A Common Television
A Common Bath room
Over bed Table


Special Room (A Separate Room with) :
An electronically controlled bed with all the accessories
Wall Coup board
Attached bathroom
Call bell
A sofa cum bed for the bystander


Diet timings :
Bed Tea : 06.00 am
 Breakfast : 08.00 am
Midmorning snack : 11.00 am
Lunch : 12.30 pm
Dinner : 08.15 pm


General Instructions

Discharge procedure

The average time taken for the discharge procedure is 45-60 minutes. This is the time taken for billing and preparing discharge summary. The reports of the test done will be given to you at your request. The staff nurse will explain to you in detail about the medicines to be taken at home and other instruction.

Payment : You have to pay an IP advance upon admission

ID : Please provide your work permit, ID Card or copy of the passport for identification. (Work permit and ID Card will be returned to you after taking a copy)

Dress : Upon admission you are required to wear a hospital dress and a hospital ID band.

Visitors : Only one bystander is allowed to stay with the patient in the general ward, male bystander is allowed for male patients and female bystanders only for female patients. In the special room and single rooms male bystander is allowed for female patients and vice versa.

Visiting Time :
Morning : 10 am to 12 pm
 Evening : 07 pm to 10 pm

Use of Telephones : You can make out calls (local calls) from the telephone provided. Please ensure that you press nine (9) before dialing your number. The phone number of the hospital is 62 62 666. The extension number is displayed on your telephone.

Use of call bells : Whenever you are in need you can press the call bell, which is available at your beside. Also call bells are available in the toilet in case if you develop any problems.

Diet : Hospital provides you with the food you need. The dietitian takes rounds twice a day to take your food order.

Reading materials Newspapers and magazines are available at the counter for your use.

Safety and security : The hospital will not be responsible for any valuables of the patient. Once you are admitted in the hospital you are allowed to go out of the hospital only after discharge.

Suggestions : You can give us your valuable suggestions through the feed back forms given at the time of discharge.

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