Our dermatology services provide clinical diagnosis, electro cautery, cryocautery, electrolysis, chemical peels, hair loss, nail diseases, various skin conditions. Our specialists are board certified, and many have additional advanced training and extensive experience. The department has latest state-of-the-art technology to attend all patients’ needs who comes for Laser treatment e.g. pigmentary and vascular changes, patch tests for diagnosing the cause of delayed contact dermatitis, Cryosurgery for treating e.g. solar keratosis and warts, Minor surgery for removing e.g. moles, Skin prick tests to diagnose e.g. immediate respiratory allergies etc

  • Consultation to all types of skin problems
  • Venereal disease clinics and eczema clinics
  • Special cosmetic procedures by lady dermatologists
  • Special cosmetic procedures by a team of dermatology and Plastic surgery
  • Skin Allergy clinics
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