Our mission is to provide the best quality personal ear, nose, and throat care to adults and children. The Department of ENT is equipped with the state of the art ENT unit to render modern diagnostic and therapeutic approach to the patient. The department also has an Audiology section for treating deaf patients, including facilities for carrying out audiological investigations, screening newborns for hearing loss and advising on and fitting hearing aids etc.

  • Consultation to ear, nose and throat problems
  • Vertigo clinic
  • Pure tone audiometry
  • OP laryngoscopes, Otoscopes, Nasal scopes
  • Special Therapy for snoring by RFITT(Radio Frequency induced Thermo therapy)
  • Microscopic middle ear and inner ear surgeries

Special procedures for Deafness

Our Faculty
Dr.Myush Ohiri | MBBS, MS (ENT)
Dr.Thirumaran | MBBS, MS (ENT)
Dr.Ajay Lavania | MBBS, MS (ENT)


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