Our department of Ophthalmology has a team of experienced Eye Specialist doctors backed up by Optometrists and Paramedical staff, available round the clock. We are equipped with the state of the art ophthalmic equipment to diagnose and treat all types of Eye diseases. We also have a modern Ophthalmic Operation theatre to perform Eye surgeries when required.


Surgeries performed include :
Suture less cataract surgeries Glaucoma surgeries
Squint corrections Endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomies
All other minor surgical procedures

Vision / Refraction

Refraction is done to estimate the power of the eye – to diagnose and treat myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. The Autorefractokeratometers give a calibrated reading of the spectacle lens powers as well as the corneal curvatures.

Colour Vision / Amsler Grid

Colour vision testing is done using Ishihara’s charts. Amsler grid screening picks up any central vision distortion / pathology early.

Slit lamp examination

Purpose : To detect abnormalities in the lid, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, anterior chamber, lens and anterior vitreous. In conjunction with a +78 or +90D lens, fundus examination is done as well.

Indirect ophthalmoscopy

In this method light source emitted from a head mounted source is passed through a lens which is held approximately two to four inches from the patient’s eye enabling the observer to obtain an inverted, laterally reversed image. Utilizing different objective lenses can vary the magnification of the image and the area viewed. The pupil is maximally dilated to get a clear view of the posterior segment.

Purpose : To screen and diagnose diseases of vitreous and retina.


Purpose : Diagnostic-to identify any abnormal angle structure & to estimate the width of the chamber angle. This is particularlyimportant in the management of eyes with narrow angles.


Purpose : A Scan ultrasound used for axial length measurement and calculation of Intra Ocular Lens power.


Purpose : Visual field examination to diagnose glaucoma and neurological problems.

Our Faculty
Name Designation
Dr. Rajesh Dalvi M.B.B.S, M.S, DNB, MNAMS , FICO-UK, FMRP
Dr. Anumegha Singh M.B.B.S, M.S
Dr. Nima C Anand M.B.B.S, DO, M.S
Dr. Ajay Sapra

Dr.Raman Mehta



Foreign Body removal

Under slit lamp magnification, foreign bodies are removed from the cornea, conjunctiva or fornices.



Under magnification abnormal in turned eyelashes are removed with forceps. Removal of an eyelash in a hordeolum externum relieves the infection, releasing pus accumulated at the lash follicle.

Lacrimal syringing

The patency of the lacrimal passages / nasolacrimal duct is assessed by injecting fluid (gentamycin / Fluorescein stained saline) through the punctum. The patient subjectively confirms the arrival of the fluid in the nasopharynx if patency is normal.

Follicle expression / Anterior wall decompression

Conjunctival follicles and concretions are expressed out under magnification. Anterior wall decompression of small cysts are possible as well.


Our list of special equipments include :
Carl Zeiss operating microscope and Takagi OM 5 operating microscopes for performing microsurgery.
Topcon KR 8100 & Nidek AR 800 –auto refractor & autokeratometer for computerized glass and contact lens testing.
Octopus perimeter 101 computerized perimeter for visual field testing.This has separate programs for diagnosing glaucomas, neurological disease, diabetes, macular disease etc.
Topcon /Shin Nippon slit lamps- for bio microscopic detailed examination of the eye & minor outpatient procedures
Nidek echo scan US 800 – for A scan ultrasound examination of the eye


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