The Department of Psychiatry and Psychology provides comprehensive care for a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders such as Anxiety disorders, Depression, Psychosomatic disorders, Psychosexual disorders, Bipolar disorders, Sehirophremia etc. Patient also provides treatment for Nicotine, Alcohol and other drug addictions. We offer help to children with various developmental disorders, emotional problems and learning & Scholastic difficulties and behavioural disorders of all kinds. We do psychological tests like personality test, IQ test and other tests to rule out organic brain damage.Other major features of this department are Consultation Liasion Services, Stress Management Programs and Suicide Prevention Clinic. The department provides pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions such as behavioral therapy, psychotherapy and counseling services for various psychological and psychosocial problems. There is In Patient facility too. The Psychiatrist and Psychologist offer round the clock services

This Department of Psychiatry and Psychology is one of the oldest in UAE in the private sector healthcares of UAE. It has the 15 yrs reputation of excellent treatment and care for the psychologically disturbed.

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