In an era of extraordinary growth of scientific technology, as applied to medicine in general and medical imaging in particular, the Department of Radiology has been most dynamic, necessitating frequent upgradation of existing equipments. The newly acquired 4 D ultrasound machine provides good visualization of the growing fetus in real time. Facial features, limbs and even the fingers can be well seen giving the mother a view of her baby during her pregnancy. Additional facilities such as Colour Doppler functions allow evaluation for early compromise of blood flow to the baby, thus providing a complete evaluation of the pregnancy at different stages.


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Facilities such as MRI, Spiral CT, OPG, Mammogram and Computerized Radiography system are some of the most remarkable diagnostic imaging modality which portrays the details of human system with excellent resolution. There is also provision for transferring the images onto a CD, which the patient can take, and view at home. The computed radiography system gives good quality images along with the facility for providing the images on a floppy disk.
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