The Department of Surgery at Ahalia Hospital has achieved high standards of excellence in both General and Laparoscopic surgery (Includes Cholecystectomy, Appendicectomy, Hernia repair fundoplication and Varicocele Surgery. The Laparoscopic or Minimal Access Surgery facility ensures smaller scars that provide rapid healing and reduced hospital stay.surgery_newThere are two well-equipped operation theatres, pre and postoperative wards for male and female page patients and Intensive Care Units. The Department is backed with outstanding facilities for Upper and Lower Gastro-intestinal Endoscopy units (for examination of the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and large intestines). Non-Operative treatments of Hemorrhoids (Piles) such as Infra red coagulation and banding facilities are also available on Outpatient basis.

Our Faculty
Name Designation
Dr.Mohd. Rais Abbas MBBS, MS
Dr.Atul Kumar Mathur MBBS, MS(General Surgery)
Dr.Godwin Devdas MBBS, MS(General Surgery)
Dr.Sajith Puthusseri MBBS, MS(General Surgery)



Contact Us : 02 6262666 Ext. No :305    |    Appointment Desk : 02 6262666 Ext. No : 555
Location: Block – A, 2nd Floor
Provide consultation & treatment for various surgical conditions like :
Unilateral & bilateral Hernia – Inguinal, Umbilical, Femoral, Ventral, Incisional, lumbar and recurrent.
Hiatus Hernia
Thyroid swellings (Goitre) and other neck swellings
Breast lumps – Benign and Malignant
Intestinal obstruction
Perforation of any internal organs
Hydrocele, Epididymal cyst
Varicose veins
Suture removal. Hemorrhoids
In growing toe nails
Tongue tie
Infected wounds, infected & sebacious cysts, abscess
Acute and chronic abdominal pain
Enlarged lymph nodes
Pilonidal sinus
Out patient procedure
Wound dressing
wound suturing
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