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Department of Neurosurgery 

In our Department, we offer an advanced and efficient neurosurgical services manned by highly qualified, experienced consultant and specialist neurosurgeons. This department handles regular outpatient clinics and inpatient service as well as 24 hours ER support. Department assures complete evaluation, diagnosis and management of patients with cranial and spinal problems. We provide latest and minimally invasive neurosurgical procedures to treat spinal disc prolapses, tumours and perform spinal stabilization as well. We deal with brain tumours; cranial haemorrhages, trauma and hydrocephalus according to the internationally modern therapeutic techniques. Percutaneous spine interventions for treatment of chronic back pain as well as Vertebroplasty for vertebral fractures are available in our Department.

Dr. Ahmed Sayed Elsayed

Specialty: Neurosurgery

Qualifications: MBBS, M.Sc, MD.PhD

Our Consultant of Neurosurgery is Dr. Ahmed Sayed Elsayed. He is Faculty Member in Cairo University Neurosurgical Department Since 1999, obtained Higher Certificate of Neurosurgery in Egypt (MD. PhD) at 2009 then trained in Switzerland and Obtained Fellowship of spine surgery from Bern University, Switzerland.

Dr. Ahmed Sayed has 17 years experience in Neurosurgery from Cairo University hospitals in Egypt, Switzerland and UAE. He is an Assoc. Professor of Neurosurgery in Cairo University, has multiple researches and publications in international Neurosurgery Journals Concerning Cranial and Spinal Science as well as performing teaching Neurosurgical postgraduate programs for Candidates. Expertise in Minimally Invasive Microsurgical spine operations ,Spinal stabilization, Spine Interventions (as Spine Injections, Radiofrequency and Vertebroplasty),  Microscopic Brain Surgery, Traumatology and Pediatric neurosurgery.


Dr.Mohammed Masuood Irfan.


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