Family Medicine

Department of Family Medicine

The family medicine department at Ahalia Hospital provides services for a wide range of acute, and chronic medical illnesses, emergencies and preventive medical services to patients of all ages. We cover a wide range of investigations and treatments of ailments ranging from infection to malignancies, and from degenerative diseases to metabolic disturbances.

Our team focuses on developing long-term patient-physician relationships to deliver holistic care based on high-quality, evidence-based medicine. We often work closely with other subspecialists when required, to ensure the best level of care is maintained.

The department also offers various health monitoring packages that are specifically designed to diagnose monitor and prevent potential maladies so that the clients availing of our service can lead healthier lives.

We have expertise in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of common disorders like diabetes, hypertension, bronchial asthma, hepatitis, allergy, infections and communicable diseases like malaria, typhoid, influenza, etc.


  • Diabetic and hypertension clinic by Specialists
  • POCT Care on an OP basis
  • Master Health check-up facility
  • Screening Programs.
  • Immunizations
  • Preventative Care
  • Special care for infectious diseases
  • Comprehensive company checkup
  • Management of Asthma, Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Acute problems like respiratory infections, chest pain and headache
  • Emergency Physician on-call facility
  • General health checkups
  • Digestive Health and Liver Disease


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Family Medicine
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