Urgent Care

Department of Urgent Care

The URGENT CARE at Ahalia hospital Abu Dhabi is open 24/7 providing a wide range of high-quality services and we are equipped to treat all injuries and conditions, whether minor, serious or life-threatening.

The personnel at our urgent care centre is properly trained in emergency procedures and medicine. They are also very experienced, well-equipped, and have the compassion and skills necessary to treat both routine and complex cases with speed, effectiveness, and a high standard of care.

It is crucial that when patients enter our emergency room, they are promptly treated and given effective care in a relaxing and healing environment, regardless of the severity of their injuries, be they serious trauma or minor lacerations, bruises, or bumps.

Specially trained staff in the urgent care department is always on call to complement this urgency, Furthermore, specialists on call include Cardiologists, General and Orthopaedic surgeons, Neurologists, Urologists, Neonatologists, Nephrologists, and Gynaecologists. They are well-experienced in their field and are capable of handling emergencies, professionally and confidently. All our staffs are BLS, ACIS and PALS certified.

In addition, the emergency division offers helpline services so patients could reach out at any time. The paramedical and medical care can be reached by phone at 02-6262666 Ext: 302/303

Scope of Care:

With the help of experts in their fields, Ahalia always provides round-the-clock services in several different departments that link up to emergencies. The scope of care includes:

  • Comprehensive medical care for minor illnesses to life-threatening situations.
  • Emergency Triaging
  • ER critical care unit
  • ER observation unit
  • ER OT and plaster room
  • ER isolation Rooms
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation/ Defibrillation /temporary pacing
  • Ambulance and critical patient transfer service


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