The Urology department at Ahalia Hospital provides facilities for a wide range of basic and specialised urological investigations and treatments with world-class expertise in all aspects of urological care to both Men and Women of all Ages.

This department has state-of-the art facilities dedicated for comprehensive treatment of urinary stones. All the modern modalities for stone removal like ESWL ( fragmenting the stone without surgery), PCNL (key hole surgery), flexible and rigid Ureteroscopy, laser lithotripsy etc. are some of the routine procedures undertaken to ensure fewer inconveniences for the patients. Laparoscopic procedures including Lap. Nephrectomy, Lap. Orchidopexy, Lap. Varicocelectomy, Lap. Ureterolithotomy and Lap Pyeloplasty are also being done here.

Impotence Clinic and Infertility treatments include investigations and management of male impotence (ICIVAD, vacuum device, penile prosthesis), male infertility, recurrent UTI, haematuria (blood in urine), stress urinary incontinence in females and management of urinary obstruction in male patients (TURP and TUIP).  We offer state-of-the art medical and surgical treatment in most aspects of adult and pediatric urology, including cancer, infections, stones, congenital anomalies, upper tract obstruction, voiding dysfunction, incontinence and urinary tract reconstruction. We employ minimally invasive endoscopic approaches to correct these conditions. The department offers the following:

Prostate Biopsy as diagnostic aid for prostate cancer

  • Diagnostic Cystoscopy for evaluation of urinary tract symptoms
  • Urodynamic Study (bladder pressure study) to assess female and male urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract symptoms.
  • BPH Prostate enlargement diagnosis and management.
  • Female Urinary Incontinence Diagnosis and management
  • Sexual Dysfunction—management of low testosterone level, sexual problems  and infertility
  • Paediatric Urology—Management of kids with congenital urological abnormality including bed wetting and phimosis.
  • Uro Oncology- Diagnosis and management of all urological cancers.
  • Urethral stricture- Diagnosis and latest management techniques.
  • Hydrocodone, epididymal cyst and  other abnormalities of tests- diagnosis and treatments.


Our Team.

Dr. Santosh Varghese – MBBS, MS, MCh Urology

Dr. Shibu Mathews – MBBS, MS , MRCSEd, MCH (URO), FRCSEd, FMAS

Dr. Qaisar Mustafa Ghulam Javed – MBBS, FCPS (urology), FEBU (France) ,MRCS (UK), FICS (URO) DLS (France), Dip Urodynamic (UK),Dip Laparoscopy