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Dr. Catherine

:   Dental
:   GP Dentist (DMD General Dentist)
:   GP- Dentist (DMD General Dentist)
Languages Spoken
:   English / Tagalu
Total Experience
:   10 Years
:   Philippines

She is graduated from the University of the Philippines – College of Dentistry. She has above 10 years of clinical experience in Dentistry, with a keen focus on delivering her best in advanced general dentistry protocols.

Dr.Catherine Banas major fields of interest include Oral prophylaxis; Restoration; Nonsurgical and surgical Root planning; Endodontic Treatment; Fabrication of Laminates, Onlays and Inlays, Crowns & Bridges, Removable partial dentures, Complete Dentures; Simple and Complicated Extractions; Odontectomy; Apicoectomy; certain biopsies; and Interdental wiring/splinting and all basic dental care treatments.