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At Ahalia Hospital Mussafah, our Clinical Psychology department offers a wide range of treatments and is directed by highly qualified psychologists. Psychotherapy is a treatment that aims to improve an individual’s sense of well-being while reducing subjective distress. To better behavioural adjustment, adaption, personal effectiveness, and pleasure, our clinical psychologists evaluate, diagnose, anticipate, prevent, and treat psychopathology and mental disorders. Furthermore, we provide treatments to assist patients in learning to better manage their emotions and deal with stressful life situations.
We offers the best preventative and medical care available, including counselling, personalised solutions to your specific needs, and innovative approaches based on the most recent research. In keeping with our holistic approach to patient care, our psychologists also serve on the hospital’s multidisciplinary team to help patients with their psychological concerns.


  • Offer psychological testing and make a diagnosis
  • Create a treatment plan after identifying psychological, behavioral, and emotional issues in accordance with the diagnostic criteria.
  • Give groups and individuals therapy using a variety of evidence-based techniques
  • Services designed to promote realistic self-appraisal, appreciation of cultural differences, and student independence.
  • Following up with clients on a frequent basis to check in on their progress
  • To effectively handle emergencies, keep lines of communication open with medical staff, patients, and their families.
  • To stay current on the most recent therapies, conduct research, instruct classes, attend conferences, and participate in continuing education programs.
  • Communication of institutional standards in an effective manner
  • To promote mental health awareness and other aims for personality development, hold workshops and outreach events for the staff and public whenever required.
  • Paperwork and documentation in accordance with institute policy

Our Doctors

Mr. Shafeer KV

Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychology
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