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Department of Emergency.


The EMERGENCY department at Ahalia Hospital Mussafah is open 24/7 and works around the clock providing an array of emergency services with high-quality care. Irrespective of age we treat all injuries and conditions, whether minor, serious, or life-threatening. The team is well trained in emergency procedures and is highly knowledgeable. They are fortified to switch both repetitive and multifarious cases rapidly with concern while enduring urgent Care. We make sure that the patients who reach our Emergency department are attended without any delay and given supreme conduct. We have on-call doctors and support staff from all the specialties like Cardiologists, General and Orthopaedic surgeons, Neurologists, Urologists, Neonatologists, Nephrologists, Gynaecologists, etc. They are skillful and adroit to appear for any emergencies. All our staffs are BLS, ACIS and PALS certified. The unit is excessively equipped with well-advanced technologies and systems.

The team aims to meet the world-class standards and methods in EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT

In addition, the urgent care division offers helpline services so patients could reach out at any time. The paramedical and medical care can be reached by phone 028119119 Ext. 123/131

Hotline Number: 0569964455

Scope of Services

  • Comprehensive medical care from minor illnesses to life-threatening situations.
  • Emergency Triaging
  • ER critical care unit
  • ER observation unit
  • ER OT and plaster room
  • ER isolation Rooms
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation/ Defibrillation /temporary pacing
  • Ambulance and critical patient transfer service

Our Doctors