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Broad Speciality Departments
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Super Speciality Departments
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Broad Speciality Departments

Broad Speciality Departments

  • Emergency Department /Casualty
  • Male and Female GP clinic 
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pulmonology 
  • General Surgery including Laparoscopic surgery 
  • Orthopedics
  • Paediatrics
  • Dermatology, VD and Cosmetology
  • ENT
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Physical medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Dental Sciences
  • Radiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Laboratory, Pathology and Biochemistry
Special Services

Special Services

  • 24hours emergency  with fully equipped Ambulance services,
  • 24hrs GP clinic,
  • 24hrs Pharmacy,
  • Electronic registration and communication for patients, 
  • Home care services,
  • Endoscopy suite,
  • Daycare suites
  • Master health checkups, 
  • ICCU, 
  • Modernized NICU with advanced newborn nursery care facilities
  • Valet parking service, 
  • ATM services,
  • Wifi  connectivity, 
  • Personal privileged service, 
  • Facilities for handicapped,
  • CSSD services, 
  • Mechanized Laundry, 
  • Catering services backed up mechanized Kitchen, 
  • High class aesthetic single rooms with needy emergency facilities  and call services ,
  • Royal suites and ante room for the patient care takers  with the emergency call services, 
  • Separate Prayer room facility for male and female , 
  • multilingual customer care providers, 
  • State of the art infrastructure facilities.


Specialized Infrastructure Facilities

  • Exclusive Intensive Critical care facilities( ICU) supported by multi para monitors , infusion syringe pumps  with isolation Rooms
  • 3 Tesla MRI by Philips(First of its kind in the region),
  • Modular OTs with hands free access, Hager  ventilators and Anesthesia support
  • Philips 128slice CT Scanner  with reconstructive imaging 
  • Philips Allura Cathlab with connectivity and IABP support 
  • State of the art PACS by FUJI with 3D reconstruction Facility
  • I 33 Echo cardiography   and  Color Doppler
  • Abdominal Ultrasound , vascular, obstetrics ultrasonography by GE
  • Portable US Colour Doppler “Vscan”
  • Mammography
  • Digital Xray systems with mobile C-arms with DSA
  • State of the art Laparoscopy suite
  • Computerized Laboratory services with POCT
  • EEG with Nerve conduction studies
  • Audio and visual evoked potential testing
24X7 Services

Our 24 hours services are 

    • Emergency/casualty services
    • All medical and surgical emergencies
    • Delivery care services 
    • Paediatric services
    • Ambulance services
    • Medical imaging
    • Laboratory services
    • Pharmacy services


Super Speciality Departments

Super Speciality Departments

Invasive and Non invasive Cardiology
  • Team of Cardiologists offering consultation to pediatric and adult problems
  • Computerized ECG and 24hrs Holter recorder with Event recorders
  • State of the art , Philips  I 33 Echocardiogram with color Doppler and TEE
  • Philips Allura Cathlab with best precision low radiation Cathlab facility where in all interventional therapies are possible
  • Primary angioplasty, facilitated angioplasty(With thrombolysis) for acute heart attacks 
  • Unique center offering exclusive  transradial diagnostic and interventional coronary procedures 
  • Peripheral angioplasty procedures and balloon valvotomies
  • Special Electrophysiology trained Cardiologist offering Pacemakers and AICD implantations
  • Hi-tech exclusive ICCU with invasive and non  invasive monitoring ,bedside temporary  pacing and IABP  facilities 
  • Preventive cardiology clinics 
  • Special patient care sessions for Coronary patients  through Cardiac Club
  • Round the clock care provided by dedicated medical and well trained supportive Para medical personnel 
  • Special Ambulance services for cardiac patients
  • Consultation for headaches, migraines and complex neuro problems
  • Special clinics for Epilepsy
  • Offer state of the art EEG, EMG , evoked potential studies and nerve conduction studies
  • Well supported by neurosurgical facilities which offer 24hrs service to stroke patients
  • Neuro intensive care facilities
  • Thrombolysis for stroke patients
  • Highly specialized neonatal center offering neonatal intensive care facilities
  • Round the clock care of sick babies requiring special care
  • Well trained medical and paramedical personnel to offer technically demanding neonatal services
  • Fully supported by excellent laboratory and supportive pediatric department 
  • Excellent team of experienced urologists offering OP and IP services
  • Special urinary stone clinics using ureteroscope, ESWL and percutaneous  nephro-lithotripsy
  • Laproscopic surgeries for Varicocele, undescented testis etc
  • Special clinics for erectile dysfunction(Impotence), Prostatic problems , urinary incontinence.
  • Facility  and capacity to undertake complex urological procedures
  • Well supported by modular operation theaters, Anesthesiology and excellent post OP care
  • A very special department offering care to the patients with Kidney diseases
  • Special renal failure clinics
  • Future dialysis programme
  • Special Clinics for diabetic kidney disease and Renal stones
  • Fully backed by excellent laboratory investigations and intensive care support
Micro vascular reconstructive and Plastic Surgery
  • A skilled plastic surgery specialist available offering OP and IP services
  • Expert surgical facility for hand injuries, tender reconstruction, corrective surgeries using special surgical microscopy
  • Hi-tech microscopic vascular surgeries
  • Cosmetic surgery in conjunction with dermatologists
  • Special trauma care assistance for various facial and other injuries
Value Additions

Value Additions

  • We are the pioneers among the private sector hospitals to start ICCU and interventional cardiology in Abu Dhabi.
  • We have well qualified , BLS/ACLS trained medical and paramedical personal at service. 
  • We enforce round the clock safety measures to ensure the best environment.
  • We offer the best homecare with house visits by our Doctors on request within Abu Dhabi.
  • We plan to have  arrangements to treat all the insurance clients. 
  • We conduct various customer care services  and educational services such as Well baby Club, Diabetic Club , Well mother Club and Preventive Cardiac Club.
  • We offer our corporate social responsibility ( CSR) by conducting regular medical camps, diabetic and hypertension screening and  concessional treatment to the needy. 
  • We offer On call ambulance services which are fully backed up by trained personal and equipments.
Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Our laboratory strives to perform physician-ordered tests accurately and efficiently and provide clear and timely reports. Analyses of patient’s specimens at are conducted on fully automated and computerized analyzers. The pathology service provides extensive investigative parameters and profiles coupled with the highest level of personal and professional service. Our laboratory provides services that include testing for haemotology, transfusion medicine, immunology, serology, clinical chemistry and endocrinology. Results are computer generated and promptly delivered to (HIS) electronically. Patients may obtain their results from their health care providers.


Quality management program

The management team supports all aspects of our quality management program, which is designed to successfully achieve our service commitment goals. Policies, processes and procedures integral to the quality of our services are identified, developed, validated, implemented and reviewed for improvement in accordance with current standards of practice and the requirements of HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi). Competent, well-trained staff and informed users of our services are the key to our success. To achieve this we are committed to orientation and training programs for all staff, doctors and other health care professionals interacting with our services.


Hours of operation

Laboratory test analysis technical support personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The unit offers round-the-clock phlebotomy services for inpatients.

For outpatients, services are provided from 7:00 am till 10:30 pm on a daily basis in the outpatient department (OPD).

Chemistry & Immunology

The Chemistry Department determines the concentrations of certain chemicals in blood, urine and other bodily fluids.  The concentrations of these chemicals can be used to indicate disease processes, monitor medications, and diagnose infectious disease.  



The hematology department is comprised of hematology and coagulation. 

Hematology is the study of blood cells.  The number and appearance of each cell type in the blood, and the overall proportion of cells can be used to diagnose disease states and determine the general health of a patient.  

Coagulation is the study of the body’s clotting process.  Different medications and disease affect the clotting time.  The results allow physicians to adjust medications and diagnose syndromes that prevent clotting or accelerate clotting.

Blood parasites are checked under microscope.


Clinical Pathology

Urinalysis is the analysis of urine.  The urine is tested for certain chemicals by automated instruments.  Crystals, blood cells, microorganisms and other structures are detected by viewing the urine under a microscope.  

Stool analysis is a series of tests done on a stool (feces) sample to help diagnose certain conditions affecting the digestive tract like parasite infestation and Gastro intestinal bleeding.

Semen analysis is an important male infertility test. It measures the number of sperm, their motility (ability to move), their morphology (size and shape), and the volume and consistency of the ejaculated sample.


Blood Bank

The Blood Bank Department is responsible for supplying the hospital with the safest blood possible for transfusion.  Patient’s blood is tested for blood type and any potential antibodies.  Donor blood is cross-matched to the patient’s blood prior to transfusion.  All units of blood products are procured from the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Blood Bank.


Point of Care Testing (POCT)

These are the bed side tests done by hand held instruments. Ahalia Hospital Mussafah currently performs Whole Blood Glucose POCT testing.


Specimen Processing

The Specimen Processing section is responsible for preparing the specimens for analysis.  It tracks the specimens, centrifuges any specimens that require separation and distributes the specimens to the appropriate testing sites.  It is also responsible for preparing specimens to be sent to reference laboratories for testing not performed at our Lab Hospital and ensuring reports are received by the ordering physicians.


For more information please contact on 02 8119 119 – Extension: 153/184


Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

The role of the hospital pharmacist has changed dramatically during the past 20 years, evolving from the relatively simple preparation and supply of medicines, to an optimization of drug use and the provision of information.

A well-developed pharmacy service is provided to all areas in Ahalia Hospital. A group of qualified pharmacists work as part of a multidisciplinary approach to patient care and oversee all aspects of medication use.


The service is committed to provide the highest quality of pharmaceutical care available through a philosophy of “Best Practice” to its patients, hospital, staff and the community. Its core values are teamwork, accountability, innovation, respect, and a sense of urgency.


Scope of services

Pharmacy practice standards that are established by the following organizations are a guide for practice at Ahalia Hospital.

• Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health-Care Organizations (JCAHO).
• Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD) 
• The institute for safe medications practice ( ISMP)


In–Patient Services

Inpatient pharmacy provides service to all inpatient areas in the hospital via a 24-hour pharmacy operation. The pharmacy is responsible for screening medication orders for appropriateness, entering them into patient-specific medication profiles in the pharmacy and filling medication


Outpatient Services

This service provides a customer-friendly service to patients, who can enjoy the convenience of collecting medicines from the pharmacy situated in the ground floor.

Ahalia Retail Part carries a wide range of medicines and other items including: 

• Baby and Mother care products. 
• Blood pressure monitoring sets; blood glucose monitors and blood and urinary strips. 
• Prescription and over the counter (OTC) medicines. 
• Surgical and First Aid supplies. 
• Vitamins. 
• Cosmetics, etc.

Ahalia National pharmacy is located in the ground floor of the hospital and is open 24 hours a day.


Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

Ahalia Hospital Mussafah has dedicated emergency vehicle operators and paramedics to provide care to patients who require a Registered Nurse for transport but do require cardiac and medical monitoring. Our paramedics and EMT’s attend the same continuing education classes offered for our critical care nurses which assure the highest level of service and care to the patient. Each ambulance is appropriately staffed with HAAD-licensed Emergency Medical Technicians (Basic and/or Paramedic) who receive on-going skills development and quality assurance guidance. Our BLS fleets of ambulances are staffed 24 hours per day.

Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances provide transport to patients who require extra support or cardiac monitoring. A typical BLS ambulance staffed by EMT level caregivers transport includes:

  • Lower extremity fractures
  • Discharges to home and sub-acute care facilities (nursing homes)
  • Medical and Surgical patients who  requires cardiac monitoring
  • Psychiatric Patients
Basic Life Support Ambulance Service

Our AHM BLS ambulance service consist of aminimum of two basic Emergency Registered nurses staff our BLS units. This level of ambulance service is designed for non-ambulatory, stretcher bound patients who do not requireSophisticated medical therapy while in transit. Our BLS fleet of ambulances are staffed 24 hoursPer day. These ambulances serve all of the territory of UAE.




BLS General Information
  • Staff consists of at minimum-2{Emergency Registered Nurse licensed from HAAD}.
  • Courtesy and compassionate; uniformed personnel.
  • Staff certified in BLS,ACLS & PALS  from AHA
  • Available for long distance transfers.  

BLS Ambulance Equipment
  • Portable and fixed oxygen delivery systems.
  • Fixed wall suction unit.
  • Installed two-way radio communication& Cellular phones. 
  • Automatic GPS vehicle locating system.
  • AED { Automatic external defibrillator}
  • Bag valve mask resuscitators
  • Immobilization Devices
  • Obstetrical  sterile kit 

Information for health care workers / hospitals
  • BLS units provide basic airway management, orthopedic care, and non-invasive interfacility transports.
  • BLS ambulance service is available for "stand-by" events such as football games and concerts.
  • BLS interfacilty transfers can be scheduled in advance or with little or short notice. Our dispatch center will clarify
  • any questions or concerns related to selecting a proper ambulance type.
  • AHM -ED team may transport patients with pre-existing IV solutions (NS, D5W, and Lactated Ringers), and persons
  • requiring oxygen therapy.